Complete Waterproofing Solution

Rubber Patch

Rubber Patch® is a modified elastomeric asphalt emulsion specifically formulated for application by trowel. Rubber Patch® is a cold applied, single component product that yields a membrane with excellent strength, elasticity and adhesion. Rubber Patch® is an environmentally friendly waterproofing product that can be applied indoors and outdoors with conventional protective equipment.*

Property Typical Results
Specific gravity (liquid) g/cm3 Approx. 1.0
Odor None
VOC Contains no solvents
Color Brown to black
% solids (wt) 63-68
Viscosity, Brookfield, sp. #5, 20 rpm 20,000-30,000
pH 10-12
PERFORMANCE (Cured membrane)
Property Typical Results
Color Black
Specific gravity g/cm3 Approximately 1.0
Chemical resistance Resistant to most inorganic solutions. Not recommended for gasoline or other petroleum products. Consult Chemical Resistance chart for further information.
Tensile strength ASTM 0412, psi 50
Elongation, % 1000
Accelerated weathering, ASTM G 155,0 412 Passed
Tensile strength Passed (>90% original value
Hardness, Durometer Type 00 85-90


Rubber Patch® is a water-based, environmentally safe alternative to conventional hot-applied, solvent based and sheet membrane waterproofing systems. Since Rubber Patch® cures by evaporation, a minimum application temperature of min. 40ºF (4.5ºC) is required. Apply in thin coats. The product cures within 24-48 hours at 70ºF (21ºC) and 50% relative humidity, at a thickness of 40 mils (1mm).

For best results, surfaces must be dry and free of dirt, debris, oil or grease. Application is not recommended if rain is imminent, or in high humidity environments.

Rubber Patch® is applied between 20-30 ft²/gal (0.3-0.7 m²/litre) to produce a 40-60 mil (1-3 mm) protective membrane. Rubber Patch® dries to the touch within minutes at 70ºF (21ºC). Curing time will vary depending on temperature and relative humidity.


*Rubber Patch® is mildly alkaline. When applying this product observe appropriate safety precautions, wear gloves, eye protection and other suitable protective equipment. For further information please consult the product MSDS

Rubber Patch® should not be applied when the ambient temperature is below 40ºF (4.5ºC). The uncured membrane may be damaged if frozen. Some surface base coats, such as coal tar are unsuitable for use with Rubber Patch.®


For industrial use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid storage below 40ºF (4.5ºC). Please consult the MSDS before using Rubber Patch.®