Complete Waterproofing Solution


ACRITECH™ is a water resistant and chemical resistant polymer modified acrylic water-based coating. It is applied as a single component with brush, roller, or airless sprayer. ACRITECH™ cures to give a flexible colored surface coating and is recommended as a top coat over Rubber Coat . Applications include our walkable deck system and colored top coating for Rubber Coat  in corrosion protection applications.


Specific gravity 1.2
VOC Contains no solvents
Color multiple colors available
% Solids (wt) 65-68
Viscosity, Cps Brookfield 5000-8000
pH 8-11

PERFORMANCE (Cured Membrane)

Chemical Resistance Most organic and inorganic solutions including petroleum hydrocarbon products. Consult Chemical Resistance chart for further information.
Impact Resistance CGSN 37-GP-56 @ 73°FWater tightness after impact 168 in-lbsPass (no leakage observed)
UV Resistance ASTM G155 250 hrs. No deterioration of the film, >90% retention of original tensile strength
Tensile Strength, ASTM D412 1200 psi
Adhesion to Concrete ASTM C 907 450 psi
Low temperature mandrel @59°F Passed
Hardness, Durometer Type 00Type AType D 80-8565-6718-20
Elongation >200%


Cured Membrane Thickness (mils) Coverage (gallons/100 sq. ft.)
20 2
40 4
60 6
80 8


ACRITECH™ is a water based and environmentally friendly product which must be applied when ambient temperature is above 40°F. For best results, ACRITECH™ should be applied as a surface coating over Greenshield’s Rubber Coat™ . Application thickness of these products will vary by end-use and color selected (lighter colors may require a heavier application). For best results, apply in multiple thin coats. Typically, ACRITECH™ will dry to the touch in several minutes and is largely cured within 48 hours. The final cured properties may, however, not be realized for 28 days. ACRITECH™ is unaffected by a range of acids, alkalis, and waterborne salts and is resistant to biological deterioration. ACRITECH™ is not recommended where the surface is continually submerged in water, such as ponding water.


Shelf life of ACRITECH™ stored in its original unopened container is 12 months. Normal stirring upon opening is recommended. ACRITECH™ should not be stored below 50°F or above 90°F. ACRITECH™ contains no solvents and has a flash point greater than 356°F.


Keep out of the reach of children.  For industrial use only.